Everyone is Welcome to attend our church services at Gospel of the Kingdom Ministry.
Also, you will enjoy a awesome, dynamic, experience in praise and worship. Furthermore,
you'll be engaged in inspirational and powerful preaching based on the Word of God. Therefore, come on out, and be bless, where everybody is somebody and Jesus Christ is all.

Sunday Worship  
11:00 AM - Intercessory Prayer
11:30 AM Sunday Morning Worship

3:00 PM - Lake Taylor Transitional Hospital (every 5th Sundays)

Mid-Week Services
Tuesday Night 7:00 PM - Youth Bible Study
Wednesday Night 7:00 PM - Adult Bible Study

Weekend Services & Outings
Fridays 7:00 PM - Praise & Empowerment Service
Saturdays 3:00 PM -Youth Outings (4th Saturdays)
                                            Every 4th Sundays 11:30 AM - Youth Day Celebration/Explosion