*G.K.M. Kingdom Principles*
We Love God. We Love the Church. We Love Mankind. We look to the future with faith, hope, and confidence in the Word of God. As a Church, We are Community Driven.   
Our Mission is to build loving relationships through growth in Christ, fellowship, to do outreach locally and globally. We are a Church with the Spirit of God that release gifts and anointing. Also, lead people to their God given destiny, care for the needy, strengthen marriages, educate children, and create entrepreneurship.
We are committed through our actions to give Him praise and adoration. God is our inspiration to fulfill our God-given purpose.
We are a progressive Church built on a firm and steady foundation of prayer. Our desire is to be as a Church that prays and intercedes for the world.
We are a Church that empowers leadership to do the work of ministry. We are devoted to studying God's word to serve Him faithfully and intimately.
As a Church we will build one another in the LORD to deepen our roots and continue reaching out with the gospel. We focus on evangelism efforts on the concerns/needs of the people.
We are a Church that God has radically impacted our lives; as a result, from our faith we will introduce others to Him to spread His Word. As a Church this is our duty to embrace and seek others to encourage with a purpose and acceptance of support through the Word of God.
We give Cheerfully. God desires/deserves a portion of our finances. As a Church we believe giving to reach the world with the POWERFUL message of JESUS CHRIST.